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Emerging Opportunities in the Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry deals with lodging, food & beverage, drinks, and tourism. It provides you with opportunities to spend time in luxury and meet different people. Common work profiles are that of a hotel manager, housekeeping manager, restaurant management, sales related to tourism products, and engineering of the products needed in this sphere.

The world is changing very fast and the rise and shine momentum of hospitality industry in post-pandemic phase is worth appreciating. Despite a global lockdown and flights not operating, the hospitality industry has survived and revived back in last few months. The hospitality industry has emerged stronger with newer challenges and demands. This calls for newer opportunities. Let us take a look at what are the emerging sectors and the work opportunities in hospitality industry –

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Health Food

The demand for organically grown fruits and vegetables along with various herbs and the so-called “superfoods” is on the rise. If you can oversee the supply of these items or become a culinary expert in healthy foods like juices, salads, or a nutritionist, you will be in great demand in this sector.

Exotic Food & Drinks

People know more cuisines now than they did a couple of decades back. And all the varieties &  cuisines and their fusions are what people seeking now. Chefs possessing expertise in this field and food artists are sought after. With drinks, the choice of drinks, their combination, and wine tasting are gaining job opportunities.

Travel Guidance

There is an overlap between the hospitality and tourism sector which is travel and stay guidance. You may become a consultant and help individuals, couples and groups plan their travel destination, stay, and itinerary. With good research and good relation building, you may book their travel and stay tickets too. You may work independently or at any travel website.

Hygiene Management

People all over the world have been increasingly aware of hygiene and sanitation. They wish to not venture into places that have questionable sanitation and risk of air and water borne diseases. This calls for an increase in the demand for professionals who can ensure air purification, cleanliness of common places like gyms, swimming pools, and seating arrangements.

Event Planning

Event management is getting as professional as it can. Arranging or booking a banquet hall or conference hall, becoming a part of the decoration team, arrangement of seating and assisting the main speakers of the events, themed photography, bridal consultancy, and wedding planning – all come under this purview.

Risk Management

There are several threats any hotel or event has to be aware of and ready to handle. Accidents, viral disease outbreaks, fires, burglary, and various other situations need tactical handling. If you have keen and quick thinking and tenacity, try pursuing a related advanced course in hospitality management.

Online Marketing

The online presence is no more a choice for any business now- it’s an essential requirement! If you have expertise in digital marketing or can be a social media influencer, hotels would pay you handsomely for building their brand.

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This must be making you feel spoiled for choices

You can embark upon your journey for hotel management and narrow down to what is best suited for you. A globally recognized degree in Hotel Management and allied courses will be a strong foundation for a successful career. North India’s leading academic institution MMICT&BM (Hotel Management) offers Degree courses in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, BSc in Hospitality & Hotel Administration, B.Sc. in Food Science (Hons) with specialization in Food Technology/ Nutrition& Dietetics and also MSc. in Dietetics & Nutrition. You can access more details of these courses at MM(DU)’s official website:



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