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I am more confident, more outspoken. How did that happen? Enrolling at MM(DU) made all the difference

Hi, I am Animesh pursuing DEGREE at MM(DU). If I tell you that I wasn’t able to speak for a minute without stammering or had never been on stage prior to starting my college; you will not believe me. Because, today, I stand out as a confident and outspoken person who not only has learnt the presentation skills but has grown exponentially in courage and confidence. All thanks to my university years!

University education plays a very important role in our life. Along with providing students with the right education and skills, universities also guarantee a good job and financial stability. Apart from these, students also attain improved self-esteem and a boost of confidence.

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According to a recent survey, it was found that confident people have a better success rate in both personal and professional life. In this article, I have shared how MM(DU) education boosted my confidence –

Being at MM(DU) improved my communication skills

University education boosts your confidence in many ways, and one of it is by improving your communication skills. Whether you are studying online or in a classroom, you will need to communicate with the faculty, fellow students, and, a completely new social group. Gradually, you will develop skills that will help in building confidence, which later helps in succeeding in different areas of life. This exposure did wonders to my communication skills. Plus, the guidance and mentoring of faculty also helped me a lot.

I have started taking better decisions now

If you have taken some good decisions in your life, you would feel more confident about yourself and your decision-making skills. When you have a thorough understanding of the decision-making process and how it is backed by knowledge and data, it becomes comparatively easier to take a good decision. Students who have graduated from universities are entitled to make better decisions. For example, I feel happy and confident for deciding to be a part of UniversuMM, the annual youth festival that happens at MM(DU) Mullana. I took part in many creative and literary activities and won prizes as well.

Prepares you for new challenges

In university education, there will be several challenges like assignment deadlines, challenging projects, and work commitment. You have to balance it all, and while doing so, you learn to handle even the most complex challenges. As you become accustomed to completing deadlines, you would feel more confident about yourself.

MM(DU) allows as well as encourages you to be creative

This university is known to boost your creative side. You are allowed to see beyond conventional setup and venture on unique paths. To do so, you need a substantial amount of confidence. Confidence is the catalyst that lets you walk into uncharted territories. I indulged in a lot of exciting events and activities during my university years at Mullana.

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Once you have attained the above-given skills and habits, it is for sure that you will see a surge in your confidence. University plays a very important role in boosting your confidence. Those how have not attended university make lack a few of these skills, which eventually leads to lower self-confidence. That is why it is very crucial to shift your focus to building self-confidence.



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