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Impact of e-commerce in shopping

Digital technologies have changed our world and how wonderfully! Today we shop online, we book tickets online, we can book for our travel journeys online, we can transfer money online and we can even take exams online. Life has become much more convenient and effortless; all thanks to digital technologies.

Digital India is truly an empowered India. With the advent of digital technologies, e-commerce has also gained momentum. There are two main reasons why we see a sudden spurt in e-commerce websites –

1. Everyone has got a smart phone now. From a rickshaw puller to a six-figure salaried professional, now everyone owns a smart phone with the sim that gives them 24-hours free data. This means people have access to an ocean of information online and they can surf through websites or they can check whatever products are available online.

2. Second important reason why online shopping has become such a big industry is that people have more purchasing power and there are different ways of making payments. We have slowly taken a step towards becoming a cashless economy. Earlier most of the e-commerce websites faced the problem of converting a click into actual sales because 90% of the people did not have credit card. Considering this problem, most of the e-commerce websites started giving “cash on delivery” option that enabled the shopper to pay by cash when they receive the product. But with the advent of the e-wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, UPI transactions etc, online shopping got a big boost.

All such innovations have made online buying and booking easier and so the world around us is the world of online transactions and online shopping is the buzzword. Moreover, people have become busy so they feel that why not save the time and buy the things online after seeing the pictures and reading the reviews. Online shopping has given a big boost to small traders who cannot afford to have their own shop. Now, they can set an online e-shop and start selling their products. Online shopping is a blessing both for the shopper as well as the trader because it enhances the economic growth and encourages competition which implies that the consumer gets only the best quality products

Internet banking, credit card payment and PayPal payments have been good for the growth of digital economy and further strengthened the trend on online shopping.

Right from the advent of eCommerce industry, the style of shopping has changed immensely, linking the entire world with its competent and well organized network. The force of e commerce is evidently visible as the profitable business enterprises operating in India are making big money, one of the chief e commerce promoters in the world. In the contemporary times online shopping has become the backbone of shopping and its not reaching out the people in Metro cities but also spreading at sky rocketing speed in small cities as well. The fad and the enthusiasm to shop online has made budding entrepreneurs to jump into this pool of promoting goods online to make huge profits

The eCommerce industry in India in the last decade has experimented in this elaborate world of online communication and in a short span of time has a created a niche for itself in this industry. The chief impact of ecommerce on shopping is-

Small business houses targeting it

The current figures reveal that online shopping has come up in a big way and has made a deep impact equally in bigger and smaller regions. With each passing day more and more companies are make resounding success with this ecommerce system. All the tiny online stores are aiming one particular slot and making hefty profits. Additional stores have been achieving triumph and acquiring customers from different parts of the country hence making online shopping in India very prevalent.

With Internet Availability Customers can be reached in every corner

The biggest impact of ecommerce in shopping is that you can reach out the vast population of India and all that is required is the availability of internet. Currently, the internet users in India have spread with leaps and bounds. The steady rise in the use of smartphones has encouraged people to shop online which has given a major boost to the ecommerce market.

Dependable Delivery

For the ecommerce site to be successful in any country, the superior usage of logistics helps in keeping the transaction pretty smooth. All the payment options like credit/debit card, Paytm and especially the Cash on Delivery pick, shopping online has become a secure choice for clientele who desire to become totally certain of their product delivery, before they pay for it. Nevertheless, just a few are able to handle their individual logistics whereas the rest are associating with delivery companies in order to make incredible profits.

In a nutshell, one can say that now is the time for the youth to study digital technologies and gain with the success story of online shopping. Because e-Commerce and Online Shopping have led to an increase in the demand of digital technology professionals as well.




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