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Aiming for the stars!

I am Saksham from MMDU, pursuing my B.TECH in Computer Science and Engineering (Software Development) in Mullana campus. I have always been a dynamic and passionate person with preference for doing things practically. My positive approach in life and steadfast focus is my biggest strength which made me one of the youngest players of the region to successfully clear U-16 state trials in Cricket. I had got my hand fractured but I still went to give trials and tried doing my best on the field.

I come from Rewari, Haryana and was searching for the right college that would give me the best of both worlds – world-class education and encouragement for sports. I talked to my teachers in Rewari and did a lot of research on digital platforms to find the perfect college or university that acts as a launchpad for my career, both academically and for sports as well. It was then that I got guided to MMDU whose credentials matched all my expectations.

I chose to be a part of MMDU because I wanted the best education and a propelling learning environment. I came to this university after reading about it in all leading newspapers and digital platforms which spoke highly about MMDU’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and globally synched curriculum.

As a student of MMDU, I have got this wonderful chance to be a part of U-16 District level cricket team and show my sports prowess. I thank the faculty of MMDU for extending me support in my endeavour of making my mark in the field of Cricket. I haven’t won any specific trophy yet but I am happy to get multiple opportunities and platforms where I got the chance to play cricket and excel as well.

Today, I feels delighted that I made the choice in favour of MMDU as its Infrastructure is really good and the environment congenial for intellectual as well as personal growth. It is here I met students from different parts of India hailing from different regions and coming with a legacy of diverse backgrounds. Meeting these people has been a wonderful cultural experience and a great exposure for me.

MMDU is indeed a great place to shape your career and sharpen your skills, be it in the field of academics or sports or extracurricular activities. That’s how I sum up my higher education experience.




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