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In Progress – Faculty Training by SAP Academy

In Progress – Faculty Training by SAP Academy

We at MM University follow the “No stone left unturned to make students fully industry-ready policy”. 

We constantly endeavour to be at the cutting edge in everything we do. And we constantly endeavour to bridge the industry-academia gap. A major attraction in the University, the SAP Academy  was established through a Memorandum of Understanding with SAP under the aegis of SAP’s University Alliance Program that partners with educational institutions in more than 100 countries.

SAP Academy at the University is currently having a two-week rigorous and intensive SAP Training Program for the University faculty members. The two-week program is designed and delivered by SAP expert team visiting the University. The Program includes training in latest and emerging business technologies.

The most important beneficiaries of this training are, of course, our students – who will stand to be in good stead thanks to cutting edge SAP courses on offer from the immediate academic session, that will not only enable them to bring great value at workplace and be at the cutting edge – but also be able to push that edge further. These are the kind of superior candidates the industry desires – and these are the kind of superior candidates MMU produces. 



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