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One Week FDP on Speaking Skills in English

One Week FDP on Speaking Skills in English

Maharishi Markandeshwar Engineering College organized a one week FDP on Speaking Skills in English from May 24-29, 2017. Twenty four faculty members from different Departments participated in the same. The program was conducted under the able guidance of Mr. Martin Redley, Director, SD program and Prof. Avinash Sharma, Principal, M. M. Engineering College. The objective of the FDP was to enhance Speaking Skills of the faculty by providing them many real life situations. The faculty actively participated in all the activities conducted in Multi-Media Language Lab of the University. Prof. Avinash Sharma said that in this changing scenario English skills have become important and globalization demands more students with such skills. Mr. Martin Radley also took one of the sessions and motivated the faculty towards speaking English as in order to make students job ready communication skills are the pre-requisite conditions. Dr. Tanu Gupta, Coordinator of the FDP, said that the students are hired on the basis of their soft skills along with hard skills. And it is the utmost responsibility of the faculty to provide them with such an environment where the students can nurture their skills. It is possible only if the faculty has desired skills. For this reason, such FDP’s are conducted. Dr. Martin Redley, Dr. Tanu Gupta, Dr. Gunjan Agarwal and Dr. Ritu Sharma were the resource persons during the program.



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