Couldn’t REMEMBER what you read the night just before exam?
Again felt BLANK in middle of the presentation?
What was THAT rule Professor talked about in the class yesterday?

Familiar situations!

Oh, we understand that dear students!

NOT REMEMBERING is a sign that any information presented to brainwas NOT memorized properly. And that’s bound to happen more so to college students. With overwhelming life changes, digital distractions and sleep deprived brains,how they can be expected to concentrate and absorb knowledge presented to them in classrooms!

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But here is a solution!

First, let’s understand how memory& learning work. Whatever information or learning is presented to the human brain, it is first stored in short-term memory. Out of all the information, 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see & hear simultaneously and 80% of what we experience firsthand is retained. Now this retention decreases with time & multi tasking that most of college students have to struggle with. Also when new information is encountered by human brain, it usually gets depleted up to 70% by next day, if left unprocessed!

So what plays a crucial role here, for long term retention of any learning?


Neuroscience says that continous repetitions increase the chances of any learning to be stored as LONG TERM MEMORY in brain. Various acknowledged researchers have found out relation between specific patterns of repetitions, called as SPACED LEARNINGS, and memory.  For maximum memorization of new learning, they have given particular time gaps. To sum it up all, here we present the CODE to MEMORY PROOF anything you learn! It is the most effective method of learning anything almost PERMANENTLY according to science!


Let us explain it for you. Whenever you learn anything new….means ANYTHING, You must repeat the lesson after 24 hours i.e. next day. The next revision must take place 48 hours after that according to this scientifically proved planner. By this time you will most probably find yourself going smoothly through the revision. The final repetition must be scheduled after 72 hours i.e. 3 days.  This is if you have enough time. In case you are wondering how to memorize something ASAP, the formula changes to 3-6-9-12. It requires learning repetitions after every 3 hours & VOILA, you are ready! Also just don’t go for plain revisions, you can change it to discussion or teaching to someone. Researches say that the discussed information is retained up to 80% while teaching it makes brain to retain it by 90%! Yes 90%.

So try it on and experience the results for yourself.

Happy Learning!




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